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The Do Book Co.

The Do Book Co. is a publishing offshoot of the Do Lectures, producing a series of inspirational pocket guidebooks in both print and digital. The website is powered by Shopify and uses the wonderful Stripe as a payment gateway. I used AJAX to smooth out the add to cart process.

It’s also fully responsive adapting fluidly to any device width.

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My good friends at Bless needed a new website to help explain what they do and how people can get involved. The website is powered by Wordpress and is fully responsive so it looks great whether you are on your iPhone or (if you’re lucky) your 27" monitor.

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Hiut Denim homepage

Hiut Denim

Working as a project manager with the excellent, Penarth based, Mark Boulton Design we produced the current iteration of the Hiut Denim site. Much more than a simple storefront the website puts emphasis on Hiut Denim’s story of getting a town to make jeans again.

Powered by Shopify the site guides you through selecting a pair of jeans, making it clear how special each pair made is.

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History Tag Homepage


When David & Clare first started thinking about Hiut Denim, they came up with the concept for HistoryTag, a system for embedding history into jeans. Together we spent a year mulling over the concept, developing it and working how it could practically work.

To bring the idea to life we partnered with the masterful RIG who made HistoryTag into an actual thing. It’s an iPhone app that each of Hiut Denim machinists use to record the jeans making process and then the history is passed onto the user who can use the website to connect their twitter/flickr/instagram to carry their jeans to enable the record to continue.

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Do Lectures Homepage

Do Lectures

As a member of the Do Lectures team, I worked with the super talented Texan trio, Paravel and the ever awesome Frank Chimero to produce the current website.

As a kind of project manager I liaised with the Do Lectures team and Para-Frank from conception to deployment. Keeping things on schedule and setting up all the complicated CDN stuff to handle delivery of well over 100 lectures to the sites 3000 daily visitors.

The website was nominated for site of the year awards by .Net Magazine and was probably the first fully responsive video website on the internet.

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Kindling email template Kindling email template Kindling email template


After completing the aforementioned Do Lectures redesign with Para-Frank we launched a weekly newsletter called Kindling. The idea being that it was a round up of the best content we’d found (and tweeted about) that week, the newsletter quantifies the time each link will take you to read/watch and also includes a handy Read Later link for Instapaper users.

I extrapolated the design from that of the website. The newsletter is delivered via MailChimp, using their powerful templating system Do Lectures staff can whip the newsletter together in a jiffy using repeatable blocks and formatted text fields.

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Monkstone Knitwear

Monkstone Knitwear makes limited runs of high quality knitted products. They’re based in West Wales and all their wool comes from the area and is even manufactured locally too.

The website is powered by Shopify, an awesome e-commerce platform that takes care of all the stuff that’s complicated about online shops. It’s a fully responsive website making purchasing just as easy whether on a phone or at a desk.

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